A Little This, A Little That Tonight

Week 4

  1. Describe one thing you learned in class today.

Always group like items together, even in a NAV tag.

2. What does * { box-sizing: border-box; } do? What are its advantages?

This tag will require the content to have a total value instead of an added value. With an element being restricted to a border-box is will add the margin, padding and border to the total value instead of adding those values to the content. this will stop you from having an element grow by adding those attributes to it.

3. Explain your understanding of the box model. How you would tell the browser in CSS to render your layout in different box models?

The box model is layers associated with specific types of content. These layers going from outside to inside: margin, border, padding and then the content itself. Sending values associated with margin, border or padding, may effect how this content is rendered, specially it screen size has not been taken into account.

4. Are you familiar with styling SVG? Explain.

I know only a little about SVG. Scalable Vector Graphics are a way to use HTML to create shapes or images. The images should look much cleaner and not take on any grainy qualities as they grow, unlike images or other elements.

5. How would you implement a web design comp that uses non-standard fonts?

I would go to Google Font, pull the font I want, drop the link href for the text into my HTML document and then use the font-family details and drop it into the select where I would want to see that font.

6. Have you used or implemented media queries or mobile specific layouts/CSS? Describe what you know.

Yes, media queries within CSS sheets to associate specific changes to my layout based on screen size. Applying an @media tag at the bottom of my CSS sheet which a min or max screen size requirements.

7. What’s the difference between “resetting” and “normalizing” CSS? Which would you choose, and why?

Normalizing seems to be making a standard across different browsers while resetting is stripping any pre-settings from your browsers to allow your own CSS to take over.