1. Discuss in words something you learned in class today or this week.

You can use a bang operator to determine if a string contains information, if it does, it will return a true statement.

2. What is Redux Thunk used for?

I means by which you can allow your redux store and actions to communicate.

3. What is the difference between React Native and React?

React Native is meant for mobile apps and devices, while React is web based. There are some syntax changes as well with Reactive Native, such as your have to change how you style items.

4. Are you familiar with AMD/require.js or commonjs? What can they do for you?

These are means of applying modularity to your code. This allows you to specify code to be included and excluded as needed, by using export and import statement. This allows us to write code that can call in specific files as needed as either dependencies or free standing documents. It also means that the document as a whole should be able to function within each of its own free standing documents.

5. Which (if there is) node library method could you use to solve the algorithm problem you solved last night in your pre-homework.

cookies made the process of passing the state of login a lot simpler.

6. Which (if there is) node library method could you use to solve the algorithm problem you solved in class tonight?

Since the in class work was more related to the final project, I am not sure this is applicable this go around.

7. Explain your personal troubleshooting techniques. Include devtools and environments.

I feel the console is possibly the important tool we have. Given the information from the console, I try to narrow down the issue. If we can determine the location of the issue, I may take several approaches. I like to validate the code itself is valid if not related to dependencies, I will pull out the code and work on it independently. This will allow be to verify if it is that piece of code, or something else affecting that piece of code.

Sometimes I will use the debugger in either the browser or VSCode. If my code is having issue possibly related to dependencies, I may refer back to that documentation to verify it is functioning correctly. It might seem old school, but I do prefer to use console statements to verify that input is what I expect it to be and if possible, valid the output. Sometime it as simple as the input isn’t coming through the way you though it was so additional processes need to be put in place to translate this input into a useable item.