1. What’s the difference between operational and programmer errors?

Operational errors refer to a larger issue, such a not being able to connect to a database, timing out or invalid token request.

While a programmer error is related an issue within the code that you have written, such as syntax errors.

2. What is ‘event-driven’ programming?

Writing code that will for specific events to occur in relation to interactions between the window and the user. Such a, X will not happen until the button in the top left corn is clicked. That event will be added to your que on the backend.

3. What are ‘worker processes’?

It is a way in which we can convenience multiple scripts to run while still being asynchronous.

4. Describe how Node.js can be made more scalable.

Cluster your coding by using cloning your code and scaling your database will work to assist this.

5. Explain global installation of dependencies.

This is a way to not have to consistently reinstall required dependencies.

6. Explain RESTful Web Service.

A web service that function the same as RESTful API. It must adhere the the REST standards.