1. Discuss in words something you learned in class today or this week.

Googling is a skill set that should always be cultivated.

2. Explain the use cases for, and differences between — bind, apply and call.

Call — is to invoke or return a function by passing arguments to it one at a time.

Apply — is to invoke or return a function by passing it an array as the argument.

Bind — is to pass both single arguments and array, and return a new function.

3. Which (if there is) node library method could you use to solve the algorithm problem you solved last night in your pre-homework.

There wasn’t really an algorithm issues in the homework since were just combining documents.

4. Which (if there is) node library method could you use to solve the algorithm problem you solved in class tonight?

Same applies here.

5. How do you handle code organization?

The power of writing it own, it under valued by many. I really like having it written it out before I even start. It gives me a good concept of where I want to go. I’ve really been referring to building out a document as my “skeleton” doc. I like to build out of folders first. Then I like to list out all my files in each of those folders, have all them named and outline the intent in each document. It makes things really clear. I think if you have a clear outline, that organization can be very straight forward.

6. How do you handle dependency management?

7. What is React.cloneElement? And the difference with this.props.children?

8. Walk us through the process of creation of an application or website you’ve built.

I am a really big planner. I like to write it out, really think it through. I like bullet lists. I also write out a map to see the work flow and understand what I need. Then I like to basic draw it out. After I get a good idea of what I am doing and where I want to go, then I will actually move to the code. I build out my skeleton document and transfer those notes. It’s funny what you realize you left out when you go back to your original notes. At the end of having my requirements and outline, that’s when the coding really begins.

9. What are the differences between functional and imperative programming styles, and explain your preference, if any.

Functional programming is an effeteness on the returns of a set of functions, while imperative programming, as known as algorithmic programming, is more about the specific step taken to have the desired result.

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