Why Am I Doing This Again?

  1. Why are you excited about learning to code?

My favorite class in college was logic and honestly, I am tired of having jobs where no logic is being applied. Too many jobs where it’s, “Just do what we tell you, don’t question why we do this thing.” I like asking questions. I like doing puzzles, I love SOLVING puzzles. Coding is a puzzle I can’t wait to solve.

2. What do you hope to do with your growing skill set?

Get a new and wonderful job where I get to work my mind everyday.

3. How to you plan to study?

Diligently while doing a headstand. No, just kidding, I am hoping to dedicate as much time as possible to study, nights weekends and break times. I would like to do at least three hours a day, if possible. I know on the weekends I will have more time to study though. I also know working hard is not always as good as working smart. Knowing where I need to focus is just as important as how much time I spend studying.

4. Who are you doing all of this hard work for?

Me and my family. I know I am the person doing the work and it will benefit me, but really I hope that it benefits my family as well. I love them very much and I believe if I am happier then they will reap the rewards as well.